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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 20, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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soccer ball should an american record people never have been told to shelter in place that's alive now we're on the scene getting the very latest. >>will tran: if you're at home and you're watching us from inside your home this with you need to know the lock down has been lifted it was lifted about three minutes to go with the manhunt continues the offices are still patrolling this area but did concede the car is piling there are a lot of people to leave their homes go to work and go to school this all happened at 245 in the morning when someone inside the home owners or the commotion outside the called 911 police officer arrived at the scene according to the public information also we spoke to about 30 minutes ago that officers tried to arrest the female suspect. >>will tran: that woman and drove directly to the officer he felt threatened and he opened fire on the female suspect he did not hit her but she was arrested the man is still somewhere in this neighborhood
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is why they believe all night that he was armed and dangerous. >>: to twisted like this we don't know what his intentions were and occupied residence is in urgent danger to people inside is a very possible we consider him to be armed and possible possibly dangerous. >>will tran: so far we're hearing her name could be given to the public in about 30 minutes from now we do know this is a 31 year-old woman that she is cooperating with the police department so far they're not giving us a description on the male suspect who then, looking for.
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>>james: the falcon did a little dense there's a lot cloud cover and the pacific some activity to the north that is expected to stay in that shot right in the cycle come and settle down late thursday night and friday here is the mount tam, and as a blanket and ocean of clouds that
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is the low fog that is impacted a good number of bay area communities visibility has been knocked way down this of all the extra time more on the fall coming up in just a little bit does give you a quick look at the ready for school forecast for getting the kids of the now and hopefully will get them off to school the next hour when classes begin it will be: will love by noontime the call to open up and will get some sunshine. >>james: by 3:00 will hit the peak temperatures in the upper fifties to low sixties it was a dry with part of a crowded skies and sunshine the drive home from work should be just fine more on the rain to come in the next update will get to the traffic center and a window looking at the conditions. >>robin winston: no major problems and san francisco right now everyone is squeezing in the back of stretches into the maze on to fight it is from the 24 split if it is not that on the bridge is most did have a
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chapter on the open side often to the eastern spend after that it will pick up 25 menaced that is an average drive time from the maze to the westbound skyway to san francisco was the to walk to the map that is the approach if you have to come from the e sure freeway if you live in called hercules rich and an alternate or use the stock of traffic starting right here at the high with four split 27 minutes to get from panel to berkeley that does not include the total trip into san francisco and on another 25 different ashby to downtown san francisco. >>mark: recon will some of my a deadly terrorist attack at the university in northwest pakistan report than almost two dozen people were killed in the attack >>anny hong: will learn the
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pakistan it caliban disclaim responsibility for the deadly attack was took place and by to conversing into cider that is less than 25 mi. from where the pakistan a hundred and 45 people and many of them children to school tax back in december of 2014. >>darya: we're learning more this morning about the bus crashed in san jose that killed two women and injured more than a dozen passengers is a story of the cover of the live tim
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coverage a morning news yes to the the crash happened on high 101 or 16 cut in the morning the driver told the chp the desi was to teach at the time the accident but he said he had not fallen asleep however we talk live to call the passengers who said they did believe the driver fell asleep this is all things the ntsb is the investigating. >>mark: she had just emigrated from the philippines a few months ago when a person's antonio of airbus share to par with her and san francisco's richmond district i don't have
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to be hit for the driver is an accident. >>mark: she leaves behind three sons and a daughter in the philippines.
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>>darya: one person was set in killed by a train yesterday afternoon they say they're close down the station to investigate the train was leaving the station headed for richmond and about an hour after the bass and a founder of bobbing. >>darya: that needed medical attention yesterday during the morning commute three people passed out or fainted but none of the incidents was serious and much to close on a to macarthur and embarcadero stations.
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>>mark: this happen monday investigators said 25 your man from the san jose area and 20 you're a woman from paulo so on and rock and a large wave hit and carried out to some of their students also taken by the way the bleep was able to swim back to shore with minor injuries del. >>darya: the house fire broke out last night connecting and have been started by a howe report that was charging
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>>mark: he was born in the u.s. government denied the charges he would lead the convict in the closed proceedings. >>darya: them have five ships in this drill so you might see the exercises just know it is a drug
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you do not call 911. >>mark: the organization said in the month to report that the global supply may be 1.5 million south.
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>>mark: more crude from tehran not now the senses have been lifted on that nation have boosted local supplies for an sec will job was sea wall street's drop in the dow jones industrial average will another big drop this morning from highs last summer of 18,000 for the dow jones industrial average the dollar is down 9 to 15,721 and the $293 this morning despite positive corporate earnings.
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>>mark: hearing called the rocks i was called i refer to the monstrous above directions a
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geologist from sacramento are inspecting the hillside today. >>james: you concede it is pretty an act of the radar and satellite you not doing a whole lot here is what we expect actually today and tomorrow will be a great day to be up there partly cloudy skies expected across many of the resort's timber to one of to the of the four sisters they wore the same if it more clout warming of
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nicely ski conditions all the fresh powder on the ground if you're planning on having a test data we get another dose of snow with snow levels, down to 6,500 ft. down to less the amount visibility to small visibility out their little more success in san jose also said small visibility in concord
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>>robin winston: lots of company here getting over to the peninsula crawling along the flat section no major problems on the peninsula but it ended at a number of crashes the reminder come out of hayward come into union city and fremont even the connection from a is out to was not to that will be slow will finally get over to the san mateo bridge enough to sit in the normal commute traffic. >>robin winston: 20 to 2 to 2 minutes for the total trip from 80 out 2101 slow but normal and not that to the richmond san rafael bridge is backing up 580
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west to bomb. >>robin winston: after that the ride to the san ramon valley to the dublin and to change not that just under 20 minutes for the title track and a rapid start the chain of the south of the hills quick look at the committee on the about 85 lost of traffic for some of the south san jose headed to saratoga and cupertino it is a profit from a seven the drive times not that 26 minutes for the total just to get from 1 01 tie with 17 no major trouble spots for the
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south and a five filmed in quickly. >>mark: mercy crews are working on the plan for what could be a major disaster. >>darya: it has been found but it is badly damaged police in san leandro were investigating a suspicious trout last saturday.
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>>darya: did not know they can fix it but it has been returned. >>darya: they expect to lose a
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billion dollars over two years and is blaming president obama care madhouses a loss cost half a billion dollars last and expects to lose even more in 2016 and says many people who need expensive medical services are signing up during the special enrollment. it is considering dropping out of all of president obama exchanges in 2017. >>mark: is all that remains of a lamb began in the larger on violence and the contractor the car was torched of the at the man's business was awarded a contract to remove the confederate monuments from around the lawrence in addition to having to store the thousand or car burned the contract also see the number of death threats the city councilman who voted to remove the statue says police
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needed to take this matter serious. >>darya: will take a look at the most popular and most allow computer past wars of 2015 will today will make a search of difficult.
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>>mark: the dow jones industrial average have seen two years of gains wiped out this is where was the end of january of 2014 were down to 15,687 off of the high of 18,300 last summer and is also the 2% or not this on the 332. .
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>>darya: some of the e-mail the secretary of state clinton had on her home server or more sensitive than they thought inspected general front carriages agency said several dozen e mills have been found that have a higher classification top-secret ship as back access to our server and all the she maintained that she did not use a personal e-mail to send and receive. >>mark: >>darya: live 26 your son was arrested on domestic violence
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charges monday night in alaska according to the arrest report track and punched and kicked as your friend and then held an f- 15 a saw or for near as head as though he'd shoot himself to happen as the ex governor homes he was charged with domestic violence and assault on the field and to filled with reports of domestic violence and possession of the what the law intoxicated those all class a misdemeanors he was arraigned on to the afternoon of les after posting $5,000 bail. >>james: track in heavy fog across the bay to look it would be the golden gate bridge you concede it still is even though you can't will have more on the forecast coming up. >>will tran: bricky san martin of the search continues for what they believe is an armed burglary suspect will have details coming up in a live report.
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>>darya: with in the past 30 minutes police have lifted a lockdown of a neighborhood in san mateo. >>mark: and also involve shooting and burglary. >>will tran: the police officers they came to this neighborhood about a mile off of highway 92
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that have a female suspect that one is so she is working with the police department they believe she had a male partner.
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>>will tran: men believed he was armed this entire time because there were so brazen to have home burglar have a lot home on a lot presumably still inside if they believe these people had to know someone sleeping at 245 morning yet it did not stopped from trying to get into the house that is why they assume they had to.
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>>james: here is ready for school forecast the condition and at a clock hour will still be in the 40's more reportedly in the the drive the kids will be about to get home just fine without the rain drops it would not be the case on five more indebted to the forecast coming up a little bit. >>mark: the rescue crews are suspending the search for missing ski instructor at chabot and the cd-rom the 23 year-old was last in lost in off-duty in a whiteout conditions of the resort last thursday friends
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reported him missing friday morning after he did not like a home hundreds of rescuers searched him for five days to treacherous snowstorms the rescue dogs of the helicopter crews the law for some officers met with the family last night to tell on them and in the search the shells of to said they would resume the search to get in a new information on the whereabouts. >>darya: this was during yesterday's buying storm if you come across britain news you cannot us know if you have the mobile application is very easing.
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>>mark: that will hold a new round of hearing looking to pg&e is pipeline record-keeping last year pg&e was head of the $1.4 billion fine for violations for the dead the 2000 in december and room and could face another fine.
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>>darya: two officers responded that from the man with the cost file garden tool in the backyard of her home and told them to drop the case said he charged at them both officers opened fire killing the man. >>mark: cash last lot of it is introduced two bills and the closing the loophole and firearm manufacturers including of blood but not on the arms those with the rough owners frightening virus reached united states and is spread by mosquitoes and is most devastating.
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. >>darya: 80% of infected people showed no signs.
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>>mark: of woman system was of her backyard, to her bedroom window to officers found a man with the garden tool in the backyard of the home of the total to drop the tool but the officer said the man charged at them with officers opened fire killing the man. >>darya: on the ferry to travel from the north to san francisco commuter ferry tickets will be accepted
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91 on this exit doors emergency calls while ordering pizza and you will hear the call and question next.
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>>: i went along to us so forth to cheese pizza and a coca-cola let me have to promise. and a coke >>mark: that was a 911 dispatcher putting in a lunch or while she was doing by 91 calls went unanswered this is what happened a man had a seizure at
7:41 am
an eye doctor's office with the called 911 and no one answered if i called 911 someone to pick up the phone met stiff a lot better the stress office said the call tech admitted a mistake was reprimanded it was. a minute order for was >>mark: we're down 04 hundred points of the slide continues.
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>>james: we are track and snow eventually falling in the sierra we have a good dose of a guest to than here is the forecast today tomorrow night snowstorm friday to a perfect stage for saturday we will be right back.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>darya: much of telecom's them likable guy the tough write you and to be an assistant coach
7:45 am
when he gets fired you get fired the contacted landon concern. >>gary: sam always worried he's been head coach a couple of times. >>gary: let's see if he's the guy or not but the thing is tim
7:46 am
kelly by most accounts calls all the plays and when. >>darya: seoul that least this than takes orders from mr. james i always feel sorry for the assistance in our head coach in this when it for you out you get a good parting gift. >>gary: a head football coach of these assistance that is a tough life.
7:47 am
>>darya: tom brady is a private monopoly saying the board this is the back cover of the new york daily news it is because of the headline grabbing the defensive linemen and tunnels math i have never seen any quarterback the as bad as him as soon as he sat a looks at the ref. >>gary: never seen as a quarterback with as many games. >>darya: they're not even watching the bronco still others came he was watching his son
7:48 am
play hockey. >>darya: there is no doubt the warriors are great they're a great and they are lucky and you know what happens if you're brush to the greatness never washed hand.
7:49 am
. >>darya: the nba fitch's everyone there featuring andre iguodala >>darya: just supposed to sweep nine year-old boy he gives on the touch of greatness forces in the brown acted like a 12 year- old boy shoving steph curry. >>darya: they're pushing like that brought a whole game when he said i have an answer for
7:50 am
that was his answer to when the game or was asked to be an idiot they were embarrassed and humiliated and it was fantastic. >>gary: watch and a few times and tell me he was screaming
7:51 am
little kids know a lot of that is what you do and he purposely didn't. >>gary: it is all about where. you are where >>darya: james harden and jeremy land they're all looking these are getting so clever. >>darya: you have to see the dragon helmut the envy and his is cheers chinese is on to say worriers and attorneys for the new year's uproar if.
7:52 am
>>darya: i'd like that james hard and can use chopsticks. >>gary: they do all these things on the off season. >>darya: steph curry you cannot do anything in the nba without having steph curry and at. >>gary: it was not that violent. >>darya: do not defend him >>gary:ok young lady. 2see you gary.
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>>darya: a young on protecting the figure skating world by storm the least and you is 10 years old and she has already won gold in the was the last figure skating championship in minnesota choose the down the scare in the competition as she may be the youngest ever sought to have won gold in the intermediate division hist.
7:56 am
>>darya: am i the only one she is adorable and the only reason we know about it is because of you can be a store we go to our web site
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>>mark: mcdonnell turning french fries into a desert item the to have to go to japan to try and it is mcdonnell i can't fire smothered in the milk and white chocolate sauce they announced it is adam and the desert is manual and the fast-food giant said, is aware of consulting and sweet harmonious taste. >>darya: coming up in the next hour we have a break in the rain for now but there is another storm on the way and james will be tracking we're learning more about the deadly bus accident that the covered live in san jose guest today a will have the latest from one of the victims of the crash in the family.
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>> robin: the traffic is going well nothing unusual. it is dry >> james: we have a live look here at the fog and as we are dealing with. and it is heavy at sfo. there is a delay for incoming flights. whatever temperatures of a still the cold side make sure the kids have a jacket on. it wore a gradually in the afternoon to mid-50s when
8:01 am
they get out of school be in the mid-50s low 60s. >> james: we will talk about when we can expect more wet weather. >> robin: in a lot of slow traffic is lingering at the bay bridge. the drive into it severed cisco is a little backup but it is nothing unusual in san francisco. look for a stop and go traffic at an all. you drive time is holding up a 25 from downtown oakland to a highway.
8:02 am
26 minutes for this drive time right here. >> mark: there is a huge drop on wall street today. it was down over four and a point as investors look at eight other huge drop in oil prices. if the dow jones industrial average is lowest we since since january 2014 it off 50% of a size that we have before.. it is a major correction as it continues to slide. >> darya: the lock down in san mateo is over. the suspect was arrested >> tran: the man hunt is over
8:03 am
and it ended one hour ago. it ended at 245 shortly after the the officers arrived and he was next shot at by the officers. the officer threat fell threatens and he was shot she would begin she shot him. we have learned. this male suspect was a lesson in san bruno the police plan to have another news conference. nobody was injured not the police or the female suspect trend >> tran: there were very
8:04 am
concerned that he might break out inside. but they found out that he has been arrested and going back to san mateo. his identity may be released in the next hour. >> mark: a. dear daily terrorist attack to place it also >> anny: this happened during a ceremony and a to ensure maximum casualties. the caliban is a new responsibility. 145 people were attack. at the university of lease for the
8:05 am
attackers were killed analyst 20 people all were killed during the attack at the university. a pakistan caliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the attack. the caliban such a group is actually condemning the attack they say it's not islamic. we'll have more details >> darya: with a dignity of the second victim was killed in the bus crash and in his memory at a seuss ortiz she's 76 years old. we're finance more about the others were injured. the driver has denied a vote as gary boss
8:06 am
larry he is 50 years old and he was taken to hospital. the bus went north and flip homicide and was teetering on the median barrier. >> darya: their 28 passengers on board along with the driver. south the driver said that he had not fallen asleep and the pastor said he in fact had. the ntsb is investigating. >> mark: the and the other victim is to sell their of their and she had of killing jews 58 in. was an immigrant from the philippines.
8:07 am
>>: we reese had about this. i also were i wanted to explore other places. i wanted her district and i've experienced. thioacetic good things about the nine states. nobody wanted this to happen it was an accident. >> mark: lloyd first told about the accident. kron 4 was the first to be obscene. confined out more from asian on our wrap . south >> darya: the candice arthur
8:08 am
coming up on the caucus and al trump got a major endorsement. third college proposal raising eyebrows will explain why the university wants to have a white his history month. the bridges packed and the fog is very thick lot more details when we get back. south-3 and off off
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>> robin: it is still slow at five a west. through the tolls about that and to the mid span of the bridges. coming up all checked drive * an update on your right. >> mark: february is black history month. for the committee college wants to have a white this is his treatment. there's been a lot stronger reaction for people who do not understand the title.
8:12 am
>>: we need to clarify this and it is an invitation for dialogue. the market >> mark: the colleges try to get speakers for the history. but >> james: we'll talk about the storm that will be coming and that is currently over the ocean and will talk more about that.
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robyn, robyn >> james: the sun will come out today. today will be dry for sure. the wet weather will stay well toward north. the rain is not scheduled arrive until late tomorrow. we'll probably see
8:16 am
some rain tomorrow and 9:00 a.m.. there might be a shower at the later j.h. a sharpened no. they but not expecting the front to come and tell 11:00 and into friday morning. we have today and tomorrow to enjoy the dry weather. >> james: b. fog is sickened some spots. 5 mi. visibility in san jose. heavy fog among that kenya quarter. the sale of 40
8:17 am
still on the map. we will stick with the cold temperatures for now but it should get up to the mid-50s and the '60s. hist enjoyed the would dry weather today and tomorrow. friday is and will start seeing rain again it will probably last until saturday. >> robin: the back of the great bridge toll plaza is getting better. it is a sign that traffic is sending out. overall not a bad ride in. the westbound a drive time is going down. from
8:18 am
the oak amazed to the westbound . it will be a fight yet here with fog. it beat out 25 minutes commute. you needed the headlights and the wipers as you drive your. grub and rabin >> reporter: no major hot spots . here is a 40 minutes so it is packed. on the guadalupe parkway no major hotspots. it is talking in under 25 minutes drive time. delays are into are
8:19 am
happening going into san francisco and oakland. it is still slow and recovering from minor crash. >> mark: thought there was a deadly accidents at the train station. it barred spokesperson said the train was leaving and the hour later they found a body. no word as this morning as how the victim and the contracts. >> mark: emergency crews went into the station. at the board's
8:20 am
asian. the duopoly of those ventilation was the problem but three did faint. >> darya: in this year's return to figure out who made threats at five different schools in five different states. the threats were not considered valid. some of the schools were under lockdown. the automatic calls related to mass shootings . >> darya: the coast guard this amending its search for the 12 missing marines. this is after the two helicopters had
8:21 am
collided. rescues hers search for more than 40,000 nautical miles and still have not been notified them. they will try to find out the cause >> mark: presidential candidates are battling for both spots in the republicans and democrats. ted crews put it took big hits in iowa the governor said it would be a big mistake for i want to support tankers. safety is our pailin is supporting donald trump. presenters is surging in the new hampshire in the and the democratic side. >>: if you want somebody who's gonna be donald trump's and the other republicans i think bernie
8:22 am
sanders is the candidate. >> mark: gurney centers as 60 percent support by democrats in new hampshire. democratic senate will have one more opportunity to debate before the iowa caucus. they will have a town hall discussion with all of the democratic candidates. clinton has a 2 percent lead >> darya: a statute that was stolen from uc-berkeley has been recovered. something else is missing. at the bay bridge we have gray skies police see some sunshine later today.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
>> mark: the four riders will officially introduce chip kelly as their coach. kelly was fired in his third season with the philadelphia eagles. he won 26 games games and lost 21 other games. he also coached for the oregon ducks. the deal is worth
8:26 am
$24 million with the forty- niners. >> darya: a bronze statue that was stolen from uc-berkeley has been found but was badly damaged. police were investigating a suspicious truck and found the statue there. the truck was parked in front of being the boss's house. they found the head and the feet of the statue buried in his backyard. >>: he was charged with possession of stolen property. the statue has been mutilated.
8:27 am
>> darya: their the statue is and has been returned they do not believe that they will deal a fix it in the shape that is in. but >> james: today will be fine it will be tracking the weather that would be coming. still looking at temperatures of looking around 45 degrees. >> mark: search and rescue corps crews are spending their search for a ski instructor lot more details
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> darya: we're talking a traffic it's not as good >> james: this is a life you of our satellite radio. it will not be impacting us today. more rain
8:30 am
will be coming on friday. we at temperatures in the '40's 44 for some indian communities. make sure you're bubbled up by noontime bill be up to mid-50s. it will help " were some. the talk about 58 to 62 degrees generally. we'll expect it to be dry into thursday and. the future cast will be talking more about rain later. >> robin: the usual jam up for traffic. it has not thinned out
8:31 am
yet there's nothing major. is still creeping along from castro. this is your right it will take less than 50 minutes to talk to 11 north. i'll have a complete traffic check later. >> mark: rescues are suspending their search for a ski instructor in the sears. france reported her missing after economic come. rescuers searched for him. they used to rescue dogs and three helicopters and cannot find him.
8:32 am
>>: he knows the mountains like the back of his hand. we cannot imagine what happened hopefully survive we're concerned. >> mark: the police will resume if they find any more information to indicate that he can be found. godard >> darya: a kron 4 for review or send his father to us if you have photos if you like to send it consented to our web site. you can also download at. >> mark: they're adhering for piccinni's record-keeping. pg
8:33 am
and eat may be broken out there looking into that. there had punctured pipelines that had not been documented. this is separate from the deadly san bruno week explosion. if pg&e is at fault for the carmel explosion it will look into that. >> darya: police are looking into a officer involved shooting. a caller said that there was some in the backyard officers arrived and found a man. they told him to drop the weapon any charge of them both officers are under investigation
8:34 am
after killing the man. >> mark: a bill for the government department of public health would like to get data on guns. >> darya: this is new video of the washington post reporter being reunited with his family after his time around. he and three others were all released from ron. he grew up in marin county and had been detained by the iranians and was convicted of spying which he denied and so
8:35 am
did the u.s. government. he wants to catch up with what's going on in the world. >> mark: there was another big drop in the market on wall street. it is now down 3 to the dow industrial average is also down. it's a 50% drop 15%. oil that below $27 per barrel >> mark: authorities are spending their search for two college students worse in the area that were swept out into the ocean a large wave hit them
8:36 am
this and was also taken by the way back he was able to swim back to shore. the authorities searched for 22 hours for them but cannot find the other two students. >> darya: a fire that killed two dogs and the responsibility for that may be because of how the board that was pledged and charging. they got back and put out the fire no people were hurt but to dogs were killed in the fire. this is not the first hover board accident. their ban 19 different cover bore fires in 12 different states. >> mark: this virus that was get spread by mosquitoes. the cdc
8:37 am
is is recommending the parade of women should screen for the virus if they're traveling overseas. cases are popping up in florida and illinois. the witness >>: it causes severe birth defects. women should be reassured it's not it's from muscovite and is unfounded in those countries. >> mark: the cc says that if he has more than to the symptoms they should be looked at the pregnant woman.
8:38 am
>> reporter: this is but up 40 years however many people have been and ignoring it. i'll have more for missions >> darya: information on an agency and will tell you where they found it and what they're doing. we may see some clearing in sunshine and what more from asian and whether we come back.
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the mark >> mark: this picture was posted by an astronaut. >> darya: the archaeologists have found an agency and the hunters is being called city of god monkey. experts say it dates back to the year 1000. they found items would jaguar heads and a vulture heads. graben
8:42 am
grumman >> reporter: of a complete travel check as we look to the bay bridge and ride into san francisco when we come back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> darya: we looking at the new snow in the sierra. yes today we have rain and they've got snow. 46 in. in total now. a good about is no for this season. but
8:45 am
>> james: today and tomorrow will drive. here's a quick look at your see your forecast. partly cloudy up their that is what you could expect with some nice sunshine. by thursday he will have some clouds roll in but will still drive. it should drop snow levels down to 6,500 ft.. you get out there and enjoy it. >> james: week to look at the fog looks like an ocean fog is affecting the community and also plays coming in at sfo. 3 mi. visibility here here is a
8:46 am
quarter mile visibility in sends a. the fog is patchy and deaths at places. for the most part will this have 40 degree weather right now. later they'll get in the mid fifties to low 60s. it will get up to 64 possibly in san jose. >> james: tomorrow clouds will rhone of debts or looking mostly dry. friday the next formal becoming an old track that later gratin >> reporter: the traffic is going up and down. there's
8:47 am
nothing going on the bridge the drive-through is 18 months. it is backed up to west ran. it is still backed up here 80 minutes if to drive time from the foot of the maze. it will be crowded across the bridge. south to lady is awful right now because of a crash. if you have to leave daly city will be backed up. the drive time is 35 minutes. the crash has been cleared but it is still being affected at this road. no major problems at 880.
8:48 am
your drive time about 20 minutes. if early south san jose is still pack from southbound in south san jose and mountain view. the drive time is still 42 minutes. >> mark: there are some was the driving the people are not falling >> reporter: there is a law that would make it safe for pedestrians its people played it. it is a law that says that
8:49 am
people should turn on their headlights when i turn on the wipers. many people ignore that and do not need to stay aloft. whether or when weather conditions require you to use your microblades you should have your lights on. >> reporter: in heavy rains more fog without lights you cannot see the drivers and front. if
8:50 am
you do not have the lights on is a sure-fire reason to get pulled over. there's a good chance to get a ticket if you do not have this during the time when its inclement weather. it is if you turn on lights it will make things easier just remember that it's bad weather make abbott to turn on your lights when you're outside iraq on. >> darya: jamie foxx played a real hero in real-life. he helped a striver. the person hitting the car crashed right in front of fox's hidden valley mansion he ran out. he helped
8:51 am
him get out witness the witness rep >> reporter: i wasn't trying to be hero i was a star in directing >> darya: >> mark: the governor of michigan is apologizing to the people of flint michigan for the poison water. they are blaming him for the decision allowed cent lead contaminated water to the city as a way to save money . the governor promised that every resident will have access to clean water he has also been a pass legislation for $20
8:52 am
million to fix the problem. >> darya: researchers estimate that there be plastic and they need more cycling so does an end up in the ocean. there need be ways of urban management to clean things >> mark: this man they believe this terrorist believe that he had been killed but they believe that he there may be another person as she hoddy john.
8:53 am
>> mark: knew photographs of the mexican drug lord our route. their cameras taping in all times. this is in to prevent him from escaping a third time. the u.s. trade extradite him for his crimes. >> darya: eighth girl is taking the figure skating world by storm the scrolls only 10 years old. she has already won a gold medal in st. paul minnesota she was the and the skater and the competition. >>: she placed first in the
8:54 am
whole u.s.. >>: the others are so much older than she is an issue one. >>: i was just so prize to be in the nationals is this a dream. i still thought was a dream after i got the metal. >> darya: she is adorable and very dedicated she works four to five hours every day and two hours on sunday. you can submit stories on our website for my kron 4. the mark the dow jones
8:55 am
industrial average has had another big slide it has dropped 2800 points and is down 3% will be watching the markets and speak with our financial expert about this.
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> mark: mcdonald's is turning to franchise into a desert item . it is called a chaco potatoes they're putting chocolate and also white chocolate sauce on. it is the newest dessert menu item they say it has a wonderfully sweet and harmonious taste. limited time in japan. >> darya: we have a break in the rain now >> james: will tell us more
8:58 am
about zero lapin we will >> darya: wheeler for one of the victims of the car of the bus crashed yesterday four out of five people may not agree on carne asada or carnitas. but four out of five who got their health insurance through covered california got help paying for it.
8:59 am
find out if you could be one of them at enroll by january 31st to avoid the irs tax penalty. ♪ now and then we all appreciate a little help. through covered california, health insurance could cost less than you think. and most uninsured californians could get help paying for it. to find free, local, in-person help visit
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: we're in between storm systems have is a live look from our embarcadero camera and we do have cloudy and all the conditions started off this wednesday morning so here is a quick check of your forecast for today to lead the on the laws at home for change and we're looking at more sunshine by the afternoon lunchtime part because the skies to purchase will be in the fifties to low 60s by 3:00 p.m. are the most sunny conditions by late this afternoon as the kids are heading home from school today a small visibility sfo five in san jose 3 in redwood city in fact sfo we do have a delay on those arriving flights
9:01 am
due to visibility >>robin winston: getting a little bit better for those illegal have to come from the nimitz freeway
9:02 am
>>mark: fall below $27 a barrel at and to the slide on wall street a massive job with the dow off two and three-quarters percent this is just the reset for the market appear were about where to put your money in any given five-year periods stocks to perform better than any other
9:03 am
>>will tran: we do know that the second suspect has been arrested he's been brought back to the san mateo police department the search is over you can breed a lot easier in that neighborhood for four hours and the overnight hours this could write to the video this of nibbler about a mile off of highway 92 in the
9:04 am
7:00 hour they were able to make their best not in san the tale of a few miles medication we're grateful to get her in custody that led to a successful conclusion reciprocities can
9:05 am
lead a charge she is wont be charged with. >>will tran: pick called a friend to pick him up or even possibly even called a taxi cab at the tax to come pick him up a few miles to that location to come to san bruno the good news is 11 that neighborhood there were so fearful for the overnight hours to convert a lot easier the search is over
9:06 am
>>darya: will learn the identity of the second victim killed and guest is bus crashed she is 76 year-old from salinas' we learned more about the other victim as well the first broke the story yesterday he is talking to invest in the bus as it told it was traveling north on 101 and it flipped over on the outside london on the concrete median barriers between 101 and i with a different exit ramp the chp said the driver told them he was fatigued at the time the accident but he told he had not honestly it is an accident no
9:07 am
one wanted it to happen >>darya: which total about this breaking news as soon as happened yesterday morning with partial loads to the mobile
9:08 am
applications were first constructed in please download the mobile application we can inform about news that is breaking and traffic and weather that you need to know. >>mark: reports of the 21 people killed the pakistan tech television camera responsibility that forces killed in this for the attackers investigators admit they did not know their other attackers among those who died recovery operation are continuing and official said the death toll to still rides is all started when the government on a university campus and the town near the afghan border.
9:09 am
>>darya: a rockslide close of the popular holloway in both directions near yosemite.
9:10 am
>>robin winston: this update the ride on 58 if you're about to head over to the richmond san rafael bridge is still slow getting better on the bridge but approaching from the richmond side
9:11 am
>>darya: it would be a big mistake for the states to support him and then they announced her endorsements for donald trump. >>darya: sanders was 60 percent support among likely democratic
9:12 am
primary voters that compares to clinton 33 percent >>mark: we're watching wall street with the slide getting even worse down how the four largest of its 3.475 will talk with our finance expert on the other side of this brick.
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>robin winston: it is still backed up it was only to west grand is just beyond west grand
9:15 am
the of the rex's into a knot of san francisco if about to head south will do well on the bridge the will be slow one to make a dent in march and the oriole there is a lot to look at and is pushing up the drive time to about 33 minutes to get from daly city to the sauna scene of the crash keep that in mind that you stop down to 80. >>robin winston: 22 minutes
9:16 am
total from the 11 and 285 split coming out of san jose heading into cupertino. >>darya: is still close because the rockslide heavy rain called to slide and that is a 10 mi. stretch of off directions take a look at this the land given way if the system come is a slide that happened yesterday in the rain storm.
9:17 am
>>anny hong: where sentiment is visibility for park to the bay that includes the more down to three tenths of a mile visibility when myelin opened when also the problem for my visibility of massive delays on and on flights also for my visibility and san jose red but city haywood around to to have my visibility definitely fog for parts of the bay this morning temperatures such generally in the upper forties to low 50s
9:18 am
this show was starting tomorrow will have increasing clout for your thursday it will be tried for the most part during the day thursday night is when things are changing. >>anny hong: still holding on to some shower activity for parts of the east bay and potentially the south bank in the strike friday storm will not be nearly as impressive as the most recently what we had yesterday morning it will be rainy and
9:19 am
windy once again to the top not generally in the lower 60s ross to take a look at this year forecast and the wicked forecast coming up later. >>rob black: corrections are normal and healthy events keep in mind 9.7% return since 1928 which has gone to war or to lock republicans democrats as president is all the conference's and vietnam hiroshima all this could be a
9:20 am
bear market within. >>rob black: 28 $29 for a barrel
9:21 am
of oil not that long ago were talking about will at hundred and $50 a barrel to some people look of their college funds and say i need to send my kid to college with the way do your
9:22 am
investing and a spot two years ago >>rob black: stocks are eight kinds think of things like consumer staples they're not at the 52 the have the total program and buy groceries we have cash on the sidelines i am
9:23 am
waiting to accuse does want to get rid of me >>mark: if you have a question posted on the facebook page and you answered here we will be buy back.
9:24 am
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>>reporter: music legend glenn frankel founder of the eagles has died at 67 on the web site
9:26 am
that pay tribute by sing words can't describe our sorrow your love and respect for all the human she lost it on broadway in 2013 but has not been a musical since 1972. >>darya: you can watch hollywood today >>mark: the san francisco 49 to be introducing the new head
9:27 am
coach he went to 26 and 21 in three seasons >>mark: will show you for the $80,000 bronze statue
9:28 am
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>>anny hong: you concede we have cloudy and all the conditions we do have the delay is averaging just over an hour
9:31 am
enjoy the july weather from now because we track another storm to have this way i can have. >>robin winston: traffickers and not on the bay bridge on the stand of the approach, from the oakland side coming out of the
9:32 am
south but nothing major if you're about to have a to knock down to 80 stop and go to for the corn the parkway will be off and on to cupertino >>terisa estacio: a match is burned outside a neighbor tells me $2 including all golden retriever died because of the fire that tells them looking into the cause of the blaze and a half the board that was plugged into the front room the firefighters were called to the
9:33 am
home last night she said she smelled smoke and called for help the fire department said it could've been the cover board to cook clearly this is a developing story will be staying on top of this getting more information from the fire department as far as the connection. >>darya: getting a video the bay area natives jason he is to be reunited with his family in germany this the video from that he and three other american
9:34 am
release from prison and a round as a reporter over the weekend he was detained in july of 2014 when the romance raided his home and charged with spying at something he in the u.s. government denied later he was convicted in a closed proceeding for now he read a catch up to see what is going on watched the warriors game see the star wars movie and abnormal life forced to close the suspend the search for the missing ski instructor and chicago in the sealed a 23 year-old carson may with lasting what he busking off-duty and watch out conditions at the resort chabot last thursday and. >>darya: they found his belongings still in his locker at the resort hundreds of searchers are out there but for days five days through the treacherous the storm looking for him to the rescue helicopters and dogs there's
9:35 am
been no sign of him on for some officers met with his family last night to tell him that and the search operation that will resume the search again in a new information. >>mark: it had been cut with power tools and had and the promising the truck with the statute was parked in front of thing the monzas house is on probation police searched his house and from the head and feet of the statue and hold in the backyard
9:36 am
>>mark: it is still an open and that type of interactive games ---is an open investigation >>darya: they're conducting an emergency response to your you might notice it happened out in the bay today them on to the exercises using responsible to as what emergency responders the could be small come from the ship remember it as a juror on 911 if you rely on the ferry to travel from the north to san francisco specifically that when
9:37 am
to do maintenance and repairs on a floating dock and to broaden its starts on february 16th and is supposed to take two weeks to finish during that time the ferry service will be replaced with the bus bridge bus fares or $5 each way in the commuter ferry tickets will be good. >>mark: dozens of schools in east coast lockdown because of bomb threat after bird scientists discovered and into a sitting back down below levels two years ago.
9:38 am
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>>mark: plan and nine has not been spotted again to what they based the findings on mathematical and computer models >>robin winston: a lot of people heading to san francisco
9:41 am
lot of traffic coming out of the maze 20 minutes from downtown oakland to the skywest to predict economic problems. in san problems >>robin winston: in san francisco
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>>mark: the more than a foot of snow falling in some locations and a lot locations 20 ft. of snow to on the 40 in. of snow so far this one and the winner the keeps giving >>anny hong: it is the light fluffy powder where am between
9:45 am
storm but we will get more for its part as early as friday and for part of the we can have a look at this year forecast today part because the temperature is offered a mild a performance at south lake tahoe area and then tomorrow cost increase another storm heading that way on friday.
9:46 am
>>anny hong: to choses temperatures are quite a bit cooler friday at 5:00 in the morning looking at dry
9:47 am
conditions hold on to the umbrella just in case do not forget if you're going up to the tahoe area here is the ski report if they are looking at some pretty decent new fresh powder. >>robin winston: the drive times
9:48 am
holding at about 20 minutes from downtown oakland to the sky way just under 40 minutes to get to the oakland leaving the vital heading into san rafael that is why the drive times as high for saab 101 you can see what we did on the bridge it will be sold in both directions does the good news a quick check of the ride on the nimitz is a little powder from the coliseum on a to downtown oakland 32 minutes from
9:49 am
238 to 980 it would disappear and it will improve within the next 15 minutes or so it is also picking up not one on one out of san jose but still crowded right through downtown approaching sunnyvale and mountain view a thick but not that the major trouble spot for the south bank. >>mark: 44 news will following isis' terrace confirming the man is dead heat with english- speaking voice of the group heard a man of his propaganda videos seldom show on the heading hostages they said two months ago they believe he had been killed in the drought- stricken syria there were silent until the publish his obituary in their magazine.
9:50 am
>>darya: he is in his self at all-time plessey is being transferred between 30 different cells to make it more difficult for him to escape if he bought at the very same prison last year and that it in just a chapter two weeks ago they will extradite him to the u.s. for prosecution tactic. >>mark: the marines have been missing since last thursday.
9:51 am
>>darya: that threaten mass shootings and the bombs on campus in this morning a young oakland girl is taken to figure skating world by storm she's 10 years old and the son neil she has already won the gold in the u.s. national figure skating championship the competition was tough the view is if you have
9:52 am
9:53 am
any ideas for us to submit them click on the store to have a quick break we continue with the team to watch the fight on wall street was continues to get worse down five and a four. down three in the third person with the 15,00479. ♪ thers sothinto bsaid foexpling e wod arou you for seing t thnew; for yinghe uried fodointhe done why ouldnackg beny diffent? dioverll ne flors our crmy cese d taintoour riosy. thlaugng c.
9:54 am
inve snaing.
9:55 am
>>darya: to women who were killed and a dozen others injured in the greyhound bus crashes in the south of the guest today those two women or killed and taken to hospital he told police police to gridlock
9:56 am
on the san the telnet led the search for burglary suspects. >>darya: 21 people were killed in a terrorist attack and the university in pakistan the taller than is claiming responsibility police responded the attackers got into a gun battle in this for the attackers were killed recovering opposition are on the way they say the death toll could go up. >>mark: a dry day for thursday
9:57 am
as well it looks like the rain could move in late thursday night we're expecting zero what friday commute and in the start of the weekend with scattered showers on saturday >>mark: the picture posted on twitter by american from international space station from space over the pacific northwest >>darya: the rain will come in again will give you push a less about the weather and traffic and use >>mark: look for up to start today on our web site stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and
9:58 am
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